Finnerty Disappointed with Sestito Call

Ryan Finnerty was delighted to win his third match in as many nights but said afterwards that he was "disappointed with the call on Sestito and would spend the night looking at the video of the incident

"Overall I was delighted with the three performances, when you get to game three its more about the result than the performance to be honest.

"I think the weekend is a turning point. Guys have realised that if we continue to play that well we will limit teams to fewer chances and create scoring opportunity's of our own

"The penalty to Tom was the one down spot, I thought at the time it was a tough call. I have the DVD with me and I’ll go home to watch it. The good news is that I am told Andy Ward is OK, he took a nasty knock but I thought Tommy eased up and just finished his check. As I say we will look at it again in the cold light of day later

"I hope fans give credit to the guys, to go through three games like this is a real test. Our trainer Jamie has done an incredible job with their fitness, he deserves a lot of credit. Tonight in the third period we were the stronger team and we had played 8 and a bit periods going in.

"Credit too Geoff Woolhouse, we have confidence in him and see him play every day. The guys played hard in front of him and he made some key saves for us as did Ben Bowns in the Hull net

"The guys will get a day off tomorrow and then be back at it with two tough training sessions on Tuesday"