The Sheffield Steelers Sign Danny Wood #91

Sheffield Steelers have added 23 year forward Danny Wood to their roster ahead of the 2012-13 Elite League season.

Wood was a star of the Sheffield Junior programme before heading to the United States seven years ago and even made a Steelers appearance aged 14

Wood joins the Steelers after a three year spell with the St Mary's University, Minnesota.

Ryan Finnerty said "this move came out of the blue, we were contacted by Danny who expressed an interest in moving back to Sheffield from the States. I spoke to a few people around the club who remembered him and all were very complimentary  about him and his family. I then took some references in the States and heard nothing but good things about him as a player and person

"The leagues he has played in are very good quality, he will return from the States very well coached. I know he is an outstanding skater with a strong work ethic. In Junior he scored very well and in his present team he was more a shut down guy who had to be good defensively. I'm excited every time I speak to the lad and I think we may have found a gem"

Wood remembers watching the Steelers as a youngster though admits its a bit of a blur "Sheffield was home for me and its good to be returning. I think its the right time for me after my studies in the States. Walking back into the arena will bring back memories. I remember playing some games for them before I was 15. To come home now as a 23 year old and being part of a club trying to win a championship is a dream

"The team I have been a part of the past two years has struggled, it will be nice to be a part of a winning side with a winning tradition. I come in as an unknown player, I will play as few or as many minutes as the coach wants.

"Im a good skater and I think a good play maker. I see the ice well. I scored well as a junior and thought that would be my game however in recent years I was used on a shut down line where I learn't a lot about playing in both ends of the rink. Im good defensively and have killed many penalties in recent years. I think I'm grounded and I'm ready to be a Steeler. Im so excited and can't wait to come accrues and get started"