A Guide to the Play Off’s

New to the Play Off’s … Let’s Explain.

Are you new to the Steelers and sport of Ice Hockey

With the Steelers having played their last home game at the aren on Saturday, do you think the season is over?

Far from it …

The Play Off’s – what are they …. Let us explain.

All season the 10 EIHL teams play a 54 game schedule with the top 8 (eight) teams making the end of season play off quarter finals.

Teams are seeded by the league placement, so team 1, the Steelers will play the 8th place team (as yet undecided)

2nd will play 7th, 3rd take on 6th and 4th play 5th

As you know, the Steelers will be playing their home quarter final leg on Friday 12th April at ICE Sheffield (this game is already sold-out). Depending on who we play the away leg will be played on either Saturday 13th or Sunday 14th April.

The quarter finals are played over two legs with the four winners progressing to the play off final weekend in Nottingham on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April.

Supporters from all ten sides will be inside a sold-out NIC building (with all the other nine sides cheering against the Steelers).

Tickets are for sale for the Play Off Weekend “HERE”

Over 1,600 Steelers fans will be present as the most supported side at the finals weekend.

If you have never been to the final 4 weekend then it is an amazing experience with fans from all over the Country.