Face Paint Winner on Sunday

Freya had us all smiling

It has become a tradition at the arena, every night we select a fan at random who has a players name written on their face.

Then that person heads down to the Steelers bench for a photo with their favourite player

On Sunday that person was young Freya Grayson, she was sat with her sister Ellie watching the game – take a look at the video below.

Post game Freya met up with Robert Dowd, who had seen Freya on the big screen during the game.

“I heard my name mentioned and looked up at the screen” said Dowdy “and then saw these two sisters smiling with their thumbs up, how cute were they both”

Sister Ellie had a good night as well, before leaving she met up with Kevin Tansey, the name of the player on her face.

Kevin was on hand to pose for a photo with both sisters.