Grand Slam Glory For Sheffield Steelers – Steelers 3:1 Giants

Game Summary

It’s Grand Slam glory for the Steelers who showed another side to their imperious game this evening to soak up pressure and fire home a brace in the first period to lift all three trophies available.

Two goals on a major first period powerplay from Daniel Ciampini and Mikko Juusola was topped off with a Kevin Tansey 200ft Empty Netter to give the Steelers the two goal victory against a Giants team that kept coming for sixty minutes.

First Period [2-0]

Advantage to the Steelers after the first twenty with two quick goals on a major powerplay for Daniel Ciampini and Mikko Juusola.

The Giants certainly having the better of the first ten minutes with Greenfield being called on for a couple of spectacular saves, especially through Ciampini and Tansey minor infringements. The penalty killers also doing well to keep their shape and box out the Belfast powerplay units as much as possible.

The tide however turned in the fifteenth minute when Watling was boarded behind the goal of Greenfield and a Referee’s review confirmed the five-minute major for Greg Printz.

Away went the powerplay units of the Steelers and found the opener at (15.49) thanks to Daniel Ciampini who was lurking at the back post and reacted quickest to a loose puck to send home and wheel away to the huge number of Steelers fans in the crowd. Assists award to Brandon Whistle and Dominic Cormier.

The lead was then doubled shortly after at (16.24) by Mikko Juusola on an unassisted effort. Jackson Whistle unable to hold on to a Mitchel Balmas effort and some nifty footwork from Juusola brought the puck down and onto the tape to fire home for the Steelers second.

Goal scorer Juusola then called for holding to shorten the advantage on the major powerplay as the first period came to an end.

Second Period [2-1]

A period to soak up pressure to the Steelers and they looked to have gotten out of the period with the two-goal advantage gained in the first, but with only eight seconds left on the clock, the Giants were back within one.

It was twenty minutes of resilience and resolute defending for the Steelers and the players missing from the line up and running three mixed lines started to show and take effect. Despite the sustained pressure, the Giants were only able to make up 17 shots on the goal of Greenfield after forty minutes as the Steelers continued to do what they needed to keep efforts to the outside and get sticks in the lane when needed.

However, it was eight seconds too much for the Steelers when Scott Allen was called in the 38th minute for roughing as his man turned into him behind the goal of Greenfield. The Steelers arguing for no penalty at all whilst the Giants called for a five-minute major. The Steelers certainly feeling like they had been on the rough end of the officials calls up to that point.

As the clocked ticked down and eyes started to turn to the third period, up popped Blake Speers, taking the feed from Ara Nazarian to pick his spot top corner and find the space through the crowded area to beat a screened Greenfield above the blocker at (39.52) and make it all to play for in the final period of regulation.

Third Period [3-1]

 Another twenty minutes of resolute defensive work from the Steelers in the final period giving absolutely nothing to the Giants who came in wave after wave, seeing off another 13 efforts on the goal of Greenfield who was outstanding from puck-drop, tallying an astonishing 96.67% save percentage to lead the Steelers to glory.

With the Giants unable to pierce the defences, Jackson Whistle was pulled to the bench for the extra attacker leaving Kevin Tansey to put the cherry on top of the cake with an Empty Net goal from nearly 200 feet away at (58.57) to seal the deal and secure all three trophies on offer to complete the coveted Grand slam!