How the Play Offs (2017) Were Won

It was Nine Days of Madness …

The last time the Steelers lifted the play off championship was back in 2017

With the Cardiff Devils looking for a Grand Slam the Steelers side, backed by a wall of Orange fans ensured that didn’t happen.

Now it is the Steelers who in 2024 are looking that Grand Slam with Guildford, Belfast and the Cardiff Devils looking to try and stop that happening.

Many new Steelers fans have never experienced a finals weekend in Nottingham, it’s special, it is unique in European Hockey. Only here in the UK do fans of all 10 clubs gather to celebrate the year ending finals together.

Take a look at the videos below, how the final in 2017 was won and then watch the Nine Days of Madness production as we go through what it took to beat Nottingham, Belfast and Cardiff.

Nine Days Of Madness …

Now watch Part 2 ….