LivingCare Taking Care of the Steelers

Living Care, the Best Care for the Sheffield Steelers.

When you are the number one professional ice hockey club in the UK you demand the very best quality and service from your partners, especially in the medical field in treating our playing staff.

That was one of the main reasons the Steelers have teamed up with Living Care, located at the Cannon Medical Arena at the Olympic Legacy Park just a few hundred yards from our home facility in Broughton Lane. 

The Steelers partnership with Living Care ensures that our medical team can obtain immediate assessment of our players’ injuries and medical conditions using a various range of high quality scanning and imaging procedures. 

Living Care provides a central location for imagining referrals for a range of professional sports clubs like the Steelers.

Alfie Martin (GSR, Bsc, MSc) is the Head of sports rehabilitation at the Steelers. He is the man responsible for looking after the health and welfare of the team “We have found Living Care to offer a first class service to us” Alfie said “we use Living Care for all of our imaging services, such as MRI and CT scans.

“Living Care offer a great speed of service, which helps us with access to imaging early which in turn allows quick injury diagnosis and accurate injury timelines. This is important to the players and coaching staff as it helps speed up our RTP (return to play timeline).

“The precise service that Living Care offer ourselves helps us with the rehabilitation programmes so we can be as accurate and specific as possible in the treatment and recovery process

“Living Cares’ state of the art facility suits all of our medical needs, they understand us and our requirements”Steelers’ head coach Aaron Fox confirmed “as a head coach your players health and welfare is paramount so ensuring the correct diagnosis of an injury is essential. 

Luke Gorse, Business Development Manager at LivingCare : ‘It’s great to witness firsthand the impact that dedicated medical support can have on the performance and recovery of elite athletes. When I met with Alfie initially, a partnership was a no brainer.

“In such a physically demanding sport, getting the right treatment as quickly as possible can be the difference between winning and losing.  This is a relatively new partnership but we’re sure it will continue to grow and meeting the team on and off the ice showed us just how passionate they are about the sport!’