“Make-A-Wish Alex”

Dowdy’s Special Guest Last Sunday

Young Alex Sheridan had his “Make-A-Wish” decision to make, and after his Dad spoke with Robert Dowd it was an easy one – come to the Steelers to meet Dowdy and the boys

So after Sunday’s game against Dundee Stars Dowdy hooked up with Alex and his family for some laughs, photos and a lot of signatures.

First Up … The Bench …

The best place to meet a player and have a photo is on the Steelers bench looking out onto the Arena Ice

So thats where Dowdy met up with the Alex’s family for this team shot

Off to meet the boys …

Down to the dressing room next for Alex to meet the guys

It wasn’t just Alex having a great time, his sister Hannah is a goalie over at ICE Sheffield and she met up with here hero Matt Greenfield for a photo

When Alex was asked who his favourite player was he said “My sister Hannah” how cool is that.

Time to sit in the stalls with Diff, Dowdy and Marco

Time for more shirt signing, this time with Patrick, Cole and Greener

Time to say thank you and good night with the main man

“It was great to have Alex at the game and down in the room” said Dowdy “His family are amazing and they are welcome at any time. We think Alex had a great night, a hundred photos and autographs as well”