Rule Changes for CHL Games

It’s all change on the Power Play or the Penalty Kill in the CHL

At the recent CHL club meeting in Prague it was confirmed that on ice rule changes first implemented last year would remain for the 2024 competition.

The changes relate to minor penalties and are there to add excitement and more goals (see graphic below)

2 Minute Means 2 Minute …

“A team which cared the minor penalty will remain shorthanded even if the opposing team cores a power-play goal”

Serving Delayed Penalties

A minor penalty will be served even if a goal I scored while a delayed penalty I pending.

Shorthanded Goal Erases Current Minor Penalty

If a shorthanded team score, the minor penalty against will end.

Head coach Aaron Fox, who was at the meeting in Prague commented “The rule changes definitely make special teams that much more important. We watched a ton of CHL games last year and that wrinkle made an impact on the game and definitely made things more interesting. You saw teams pressing for goals early and the PK looking to score off it more as well”