Sheffield Talking Therapies with us on Sunday…

Hear to listen to you on Sunday

Sheffield Talking Therapies are part of the NHS and they have offered their services to come to the arena this Sunday at the game against Coventry Blaze to talk to you about your own situation or about a loved one.

They will be located on Blue Concourse and available for a chat any time from 2.30pm when doors open for the game.

Please watch the videos below

Going Back to Watch Ice Hockey

It is very understandable that we’ll feel anxious about going back to watch a match in future. However, this is one of the best things we can do to help our wellbeing in the long term, because it helps us to process difficult memories and to move on, rather than getting stuck.

By going back to the place where we were distressed or anxious, our mind and body can learn to feel safe again. We can see that the events we witnessed are in the past and things are now back to normal.

This can take a little time and we may need to be patient while our mind and body gradually become calmer. However, this process will start even on our first time back at the match and each time afterwards it will feel easier.

The video below will help you to think about going back to a match, how you can prepare for this and how you can look after yourself when you do.

It’s important to make your own decision about when you feel ready for this and to let others do this too.

The video below is aimed at all of us returning the arena on Sunday – a lot of time and thought has been put into this so please take 18 minutes and watch it …It’s Titled Going Back to an Ice Hockey Match.

More information for you ahead of your return to the arena

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The Shawmind Foundation are the Steelers official Mental Health Charity Partners and they will also be present on Sunday at the Arena to talk with you over any concerns.