Steelers Ask and Jonno Answers for the Steelers

Jonathan Phillips Returns to the Line Up – TONIGHT

The Steelers welcome the return of former club captain, Jonathan Phillips tonight at the arena for the game against Manchester Storm.

Steelers are without their GB 4 (Messrs: Dowd, Jones, Whistle and Shudra) with Phillips and Sam Cooper added to the line up.

Daniel Crowe will also back up starting goalie Matt Greenfield with Angus Laing injured.

Commenting on the Phillips news, head coach Aaron Fox said “I reached out to Jono early in the week and discussed our current situation and asked if he could give us some cover for the weekend and he was happy to come in and help us out.

“He’s coming in as our 10th forward and is a player that I already have some built in trust there. Jonno is a guy that knows our systems and will play a responsible game for however many minutes that may be.

“From my point of view it made a ton of sense and am very appreciative of him joining us for the weekend to help us out.

“He’s asked for it not to be a big PR announcement so we have held this quiet until lineups needed to be in today”.

Steelers Vs. Manchester Storm – Tonight
Face Off 7.00pm
Doors Open 5.30pm

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