Steelers WhatsApp Community Grows

Over 2,000 already love our WhatsApp Community

Just before the start of the Season, the Steelers became the first club to offer a WhatsApp Community this is where you add your number to a Steelers group

The number is secure and no one can see it or reply to messages put out on the group by the club.

You receive Steelers signing news first, you also get one or two messages a week confirming games, news or club information.

The WhatsApp Community became so popular we reached the maximum 2,000 members and we now have fans asking us to join but unable to as we are full – until today.

Today we have launched Sheffield Steelers 2 this will be an identical group to the original one so there is no need to join both groups, you will just be doubling up.

To Join the Steelers 2 WhatsApp Group please click HERE:

To confirm, if you are already a member of the original Steelers WhatsApp Group then you don’t need to join this new group.

All the information sent out will be identical on both groups.