Steelers Beat the Flyers 4-2

Thats 14 wins on the bounce for Tony Morrone

Tony Marrone backstopped the Steelers to a 4-2 road victory in Fife, his 14th straight between the pipes.

Goals from Robert Dowd, Cole Shudra, Scott Allen and Patrick Harper secured the points with the Steelers now heading to Belfast tomorrow ahead of Friday and Saturday’s games against the Giants.

The story of this one …

A delayed face off in Fife with the Steelers arriving late following a bus breakdown as we headed to Scotland.

An 8pm face off and the delay doesn’t seem to have effected the men in Orange as they lead 3-2 after the second period.

Both Marco Vallerand and Kevin Tansey returned to the line up with Colton Saucerman, Josh Nicholls and Brandon Whistle rested. Finlay Ulrik has also been called up and plays tonight.

09.15 and Steelers led with Dowdy finding the back of the net assisted by the returning Marco Vallerand and Mikko Juusola

11.05 and the Flyers levelled through Kyle Osterberg

19.15 with just 45 seconds on the period a scramble in front of Owen’s goal and Cole Shudra got the last touch to put the Steelers ahead at the break

End of the first period. Fife Flyers 1-2 Steelers

A great start to the middle session with Steelers doubling their advantage

22..49 Scott Allen unassisted (1-3)

Sam Jones to the box for slashing but the Flyers fail to impress on the power-play and Jones returns.

36.50 and Pilon collects the rebound from the Lajeunesse shot to bring it back t 2-3

End of the second period. Fife Flyers 2-3 Steelers

45.56 and the Flyers on the power play with Nikki off for holding.

56.19 and Brett Neumann sets up Patrick Harper who fires five hole on Shane Owen for 4-2

58.18 Fife Flyers penalty with Lajeinesse off for tripping

Game Over and Steelers win

Final score: Fife Flyers 2-4 Steelers