Watling and German Autocentre

Vorsprung durch Technik as they say …

If you were trying to manufacture Steelers forward Patrick Watling, you would probably employ German Engineering to create that unique and precise power, finesse and stylish good looks. 

Vorsprung durch Technik as they say …

It’s probably why Steelers sponsors German Autocentre chose Watling as their sponsored player for the 2023-24 Elite League Season as they saw many similarities to their own brand and the companies they represent.

Patrick Watling was playing in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League for the Chartham Jr Maroons, aged just 17 when German Auto Centre was formed back in 2010.

The Steelers were commencing on their 7th league title (2010-11 season) at that time, who would know that some 14 years later the stars would align and the trio of German Autocentre, Steelers and Patrick Watling would join forces for this memorable season.

Like the Steelers, German Autocentre are family owned and focus heavily on customer service, in fact they call it “Dealer Level Customer Service”

Whilst the Steelers are trying to win trophies this year, German Auto Centre are one step ahead after they were recently voted the Interdependent Garage of the year for customer service.  

We only have to beat nine other teams located all over the UK. German Autocentre beat thousands of independent garages in England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland to lift their trophy.

Many of our Steelers fans have already witnessed the service and competence of German Autocentre by taking up the offer of a FREE MOT by simply taking a Steelers match night programme to their incredible facility at 441 Brightside Lane, Sheffield, S9 2RS

Recently Patrick Watling visited those same premises for a guided tour and witnessed the wide range of services offered, including the fantastic Diagnostics equipment “I used to think garages were a dirty and oily environment, but after visiting German Autocentre you realise it is more like a Hospital operating theatre. The work and precision those guys do is extraordinary, and it opened my eyes speaking the people that work there. A little like us, they are a team working together to obtain the best results”

Brett Ellis is the Marketing Manager for German Autocentre and said “We are 5 minutes down the road from the Arena and the Steelers so this partnership made total sense to us.

“Already we have seen a great response to the FREE MOT’s from Steelers supporters, it is an introduction to them to all the services and expertise that we offer, and we trust we are making lifelong friends and customers in the process”