What a Day that was …

Steelers Hockey … is there anything better …

From 7am in the morning when Aaron Fox and his coaching staff arrived at the arena, Wednesday 13th March, was going to be a special day for the club, the players and most importantly the Steelers fans.

The players were in early for pre-game skate, whilst some took advantage of the ice some others stretched or worked out.

Strength and conditioning coach Mike Mawer looked after those in the gym whilst Carter Beston-Will took the one ice session.

Whilst the playing staff were trying to keep the routine of a normal game day, this was anything but a normal day.

We were joined by media, TV and Radio. As well as radio commentary (BBC Radio Sheffield) and TV (through Viaplay) we were also joined by BBC Look North (Paul Ogdon) and ITV Calendar (Chris Dawkes) as they spoke with Scott Allen, Daniel Ciampini and Aaron Fox.

There was a relaxed feeling around the Arena and inside the Steelers locker room.

There wasn’t anyone rushing to leave, it seemed the group were a lot happier together.

Following the busy morning the boys eventually returned home whist the coaches went back to their offices and more work.

It was soon time to come back to the Arena for the regular pre game rituals.

Doors were now open and the fans were pouring into the arena.

Both Look North and Calendar were back, both taking live links from the arena into their evening news show.

It was game time and Dowdy set Diff up for the first goal of the night

The arena went crazy and rightly so as we all celebrated toegther

Guildford equalised but before the first period ended Patrick Watling struck on the power-play

Steelers would go in 2-1 ahead

The flags were out, the building was wild.

Steelers were on their way and in the middle period Brien Diffley’s shot was deflected home by top scorer Mitchell Balmas for 3-1

The Guildford Flames pushed back in the third period, Matt Greenfield closed the door and the Steelers were on their way.

A late time out for Aaron Fox, a moment used to fire the boys up, we were about to win the Challenge Cup

The clock counted down, the game was over, Steelers win 3-1

The Steelers are Cup Champions, the benches emptied and Green was mobbed by his team mates.

What a battle, with great respect the two teams shook hands before the Guildford Flames left the ice to leave the Steelers to celebrate.

On to the ice came the trophy and presentation party of Michael Hicks, Mark Brooks and Steelers owner Tony Smith

Robert Dowd was about to lift his first trophy as Steelers captain.

The trophy was lifted and the corks were popped as the celebrations began.

As much as the guys were excited, so were the 9,000 remaining fans inside the building.

The guys took it in turn skating around the arena, showing off the Challenge Cup to the fans

Brett Neumann, Kevin Tansey and Colton Saucerman were having a blast.

When the celebrations had ended on the ice, the Steelers went outside to celebrate with over 3,500 fans who were still waiting in the car park

No one wanted to go home, everyone wanted to take in the moment and enjoy this incredible day.

The boys were certainly not going home, they had worked to hard not to enjoy the night

They celebrated together and leaning over the balcony with all the fans

What a night we had, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Of course, we could do it all over again on Saturday when we take on the Nottingham Panthers at the Arena

7pm Face Off with the doors and shop opening at 5.30pm

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