What a Great, Fun, Night with the Steelers

Fans and Players Celebrate in Season Ticket Holders Training Night

It was a season ticket holders night with a difference

Steelers players and coaches put on a fun night for over 2,000 season ticket holders at the Utilita Arena on Tuesday evening.

There wasn’t much training, just a selection of fun drills and games … and a few bottles of beer thrown in as the team celebrations continued just days after winning the 2024 Elite League Championship.

Before the players went out onto the ice they had their sponsorship responsibilities so they headed to the lounge for a chat and a little food with our VIP guests before training and the on ice activities began.

Our sponsors then made their way down to the ice where they joined the team for a selection of group team photos

Then it was time to start the fun with the Steelers split into two sides, Orange and Black.

Fans enjoyed seeing the players participate in shooting, skating …. and drinking drills.

It was impossible to keep the score as some of the games took on a life of their own

Robert Dowd won the hardest shot, Orange won the relay and black the flip the cup challenge.

Even the coach, Aaron Fox was involved in many of the drills, though when he missed his penalty shots he did have to start taking his equipment off.

Fans wanted the shirt to come off though Aaron decided it would be a skate

Of course, the two biggest mischiefs were Robert Dowd and Marco Vallerand

They enjoyed watching their team mates get nervous in the shoot out as more and more items of clothes fell to the ice, Brett Neumann being the last to score

Then it was upstairs to concourse level where the players joined fans for some autographs and photos

A good night was had by all and the club thanks all of the players, staff and of course our season ticket holders for making this a fun, enjoyable night.

See you on Saturday Sheffield