When Vinnie met the Steelers

Broken Leg Needed Signing, so we did …

When the Steelers saw little Vinnie sat in the disabled bay with a broken leg, we asked him how he did it?

“Playing football” was the reply

Vinnie had new brand new plaster cast with no signatures on it, so we invited him down to the room after the Cardiff game to meet the team and get some autographs.

We had a great time …

Before we got inside the room Vinnie met Nikki and Scott who were the first to sign the plaster cast

Brett, Greener and Sam were the first to meet Vinnie in the stretch room adjacent to the locker room

Mitchell Balmas and Mark Simpson were next to pay a visit before Vinnie’s eyes lit up as Captain Robert Dowd entered the room

Family photo and time for a chat with the main man

Man of the Match, Kevin Tansey was the next to rock up and spend some time with Vinnie and his crew

Time to head into the room to meet the other players

Patrick Watling, Angus Laing and Marcio Vallerand hooked up with Vinnie before a “Team Photo”

Time for more photo’s before heading home

Our operations Director Shaun Smith had one more surprise for Vinnie, we had held back one of the teams “Blood Shirts” from the raffle and made sure it was there for Marco to present

We hope you had a great night with us Vinnie and we managed to put a smile back on your face

See you on Boxing Day