Winners on Saturday

Not only the Steelers won this Saturday

We hope you all had a fantastic night with the Steelers on Saturday, an incredible performance by the Steelers with a 5-1 win over the Belfast Giants.

Steelers weren’t the only winners inside the arena tonight …

Q-Park 50-50

Congratulations to Jodie Winters who took home another incredible cash prize tonight.

Matt Greenfield presented the prize after the game.

SOYB Raffle

Ellie Cutts chose the game worn shirt of Kevin Tansey after winning the SOYB Raffle on Saturday night against the Giants.

Face Paint Winner

Erica Goodwin was the happiest girl in the arena after being chosen as the face paint winner on Saturday

After the game Erica came down to the Steelers bench where she and her family met Brett

Chocolate for Dowdy

Many of you will remember young Alfred Matthews who sent a video to Robert Dowd on Twitter asking him what his favourite chocolate bar was.

Dowdy replied and before the game on Saturday Alfred got the chance to meet the Steelers captain and present him with a bar of Galaxy