Cormier Back in Sheffield to Defend Our Titles

Foxy Has His Top D Pairing Back As Cormier Joins Tansey On The Blue-Line

The top pair back together as Cormier returns to the Steelers

Head coach Aaron Fox was delighted to confirm that Dominic Cormier will be back in a Steelers uniform next season.

“We already had Kevin Tansey signed so now having Dom back means our top pair will be back together on the blueline”.

Cormier joined the Steelers in November and played 50 league, Cup and Play-Off games during the Grand Slam year. 

“Dominic coming back was a no brainer” said Fox “He came in and played a top pair role with Kevin and they were dominant all year. 

“He’s an elite skater that can create offense jumping in the play and was so good on our retrievals.  

“Dom’s speed also allows him to have great gap control and defend well against the league’s top end players night in and out.  

“I’m very happy to get this deal done and think he will come back and be a key player for us again next year”.

When asked why he was returning to Sheffield, Cormier replied “Why not?” 

“I loved my time there right from day one, there is a family feel with the fans and also inside the locker room with the guys.

“We also have three titles to defend, I want to be a part of that, I don’t want to be looking from afar to see how some other guys are doing. I want to be right in the middle of the battle”.

Dominic was a fan favourite from his arrival but after the Challenge Cup victory and his comment about the “best fans in Europe” he was loved even more.

“Hey I have learned over the years that it is the fans that set the tone for a team and our fans were there for us every night, home or on the road. Every player in the room loved playing for them and we were all so happy that we could deliver those three trophies”.

Dom is already looking forward to the return “I have been thinking about standing there watching those banners being raised, hopefully in front of a full house of Steelers fans in Orange. I can’t wait for that night”.