June 3, 2024

VIDEO: Foxy and Dom speak with Peter Spencer

The Spencer Files: interviews with the returning Dominic Cormier & Aaron Fox. BBC Radio Sheffield’s Peter Spencer has been speaking with both head coach Aaron Fox and the returning Dominic Cormier, following our earlier announcement of him signing his new contract. Listen to bro speak following today’s announcement, starting first with Dominic Cormier. Head coach...
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Cormier Back in Sheffield to Defend Our Titles

Foxy Has His Top D Pairing Back As Cormier Joins Tansey On The Blue-Line The top pair back together as Cormier returns to the Steelers Head coach Aaron Fox was delighted to confirm that Dominic Cormier will be back in a Steelers uniform next season.“We already had Kevin Tansey signed so now having Dom back...
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