The Spencer Files with Aaron and Kam (Video)

Video Interviews Post Game

BBC Radio Sheffield’s Peter Spencer spoke with both Aaron Fox and Kameron Kielly after Wednesday’s thumping 6-1 win against Manchester Storm

Watch the interviews below starting with the Steelers head coach

How good was it to see Kameron Kielly on the ice in a Steelers shirt, his first competitive game since joining the club.

He spoke with Pete post game, watch his interview below

Next Up: Steelers Vs. Dundee Stars (Sunday at 4pm)

Steelers back in action on Sunday at the Arena Vs. Dundee Stars in Elite League action.

Sunday 15th October, 2023
Steelers Vs. Dundee Stars
Utilita Arena, Sheffield

Face Off 4.00pm
Doors and Shop Open 2.30pm

Buy Your Tickets … “HERE”